Top 10 Best Blue Light Filter For PC (2021)

Top 10 Best Blue Light Filter For PC (2021)

In this modern era of growth and technology, there’s hardly any person not possessing a smartphone, laptop, computer, and the list goes on. There’s no doubt that the usage is going to substantially increase in the coming age. With the increase in usage of these gadgets, both our eyes and brain are going to get affected the most.

Have you ever felt a heaviness in your eyes, while working on a computer or smartphone for a long time? That’s because of the blue light, emitted from the display. Blue light is very hazardous to the human retina.

Blue light is a unit of the visible light spectrum, that enters the eyes and causes great damage. Blue Light causes harm during night time the most. It can gradually cause permanent sight loss and even insomnia. At this point, it is essential to use a Blue Light filter to protect your eyes and brain. It is very crucial if you tend to use a laptop or a computer during night time.

Blue Light filter removes the blue light emitted from the display on to your eyes. It changes the screen color according to the user’s demand.
Fortunately, we do have a solution to protect our eyes while working during the night time. There are several outstanding software and application for filtering the blue light. In this article, we’ll be discussing the Top 10 Best Blue Light Filter for PC, which are user-friendly as well.

#1 – f.lux

  • f.lux supports Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, Linux.
  • Software is absolutely free.

This application is easy to download and install. The size of the application is very compact and it is a very user – friendly blue light filter for pc.

During the day time, this software makes the display as bright as sunlight. One can even work with any natural sunlight. At night, it makes the display color warm, as per the user’s demand. f.lux automatically senses the sunset and adjusts the background of the screen.

This software also has a unique feature of dark mode which changes the lighting to dark red color.

It also has a movie mode, which controls the problem of the red screen while watching the movies.

It also provides the feature of a good photo editor.

#2 – Iris Mini

  • Iris Mini supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Software is absolutely free.

Iris Mini is yet another efficient blue light filter for pc. The software effectively adjusts the display’s color temperature. It protected your eyes from the harmful rays and therefore you can freely work during the night time for long hours. Iris mini reduces the monitor flicker rate while adjusting the temperature.
It offers three modes, automatic, manual, and pause mode. You can anytime pause the blue light filter as per your requirement. It adds an icon to your taskbar as well, making it more user friendly.
Iris Mini is considered the best blue light filter for pc as well as mac users.

#3 – CareUEyes Lite

  • CareUEyes Lite supports Windows
  • Software is absolutely free

    This software automatically filters the harmful blue light and makes the experience more soothing tour the eyes and brain. It adjusts the display screen’s temperature and color, making it warm. If someone is dealing with eye-related issues, for them CareUEyes is a recommended blue light filter for pc.
    It offers various built-in modes like normal, custom, smart, movie mode, reading and editing mode, office, night and, game.
    The software comes with a timer and break feature. It allows the user to take breaks for 20 between the working hours. This ensures the smooth functioning of the body and eyes.
    It also has the sunrise and sunset mode. This mode is for the people working regularly at night time.

#4 – Eye Saver

  • Eye Saver supports Windows.
  • Software is absolutely free.

This application acts as a shield to your eyes and protects it from blue light damage. One of the best features of Eye Saver is that it absolutely manages your entire system.
Constant flickering on computer display affects your eyes. Eye Saver curbs this flickering and reduces the screen temperature. It also reminds you to take a break in between your working hours. It helps in reducing the strain and calms the eyes and mind. This software is ideal to use during night time, as it dims the brightness. This software is easy to download and user-friendly. Eye Saver is suitable for beginners as well, it is very easy to use.

#5 – PC Sunscreen

  • PC Sunscreen supports Windows
  • Software is absolutely free

PC Sunscreen is the best option for blue light filter for pc, up to date. It is suitable for Windows 7 or later users. This software mimics natural daylight and automatically adjusts the display color. After sunset, it automatically reduces the blue light.
Throughout the day, natural lighting changes drastically. The feature enables the software to automatically adjust the display color according to the surrounding lights.
This software is very unique from others and this makes it very ideal.
You can also set your wake time and sleep time with this software. It enables the user to adjust the color filter, not even for a whole screen but also for a small portion.

#6 – LightBulb

  • LightBulb supports Windows.
  •  Software is absolutely free.

LightBulb is another effective screen dimmer software and optimum blue light filter. It helps in protecting eyes from constraint strain while working on the computer screen.
It constantly adjusts the screen color temperature from Blue light in the daytime to red warm light at night. The primary objective of the software is to adjust according to the surrounding lights, from dusk to dawn.
It also allows the user to disable gamma smoothing and adjust the color temperature between 2500 to 6000k. It is a very straight and simple solution for someone who works at night. Very user-friendly and easy to run on your pc, also it hardly impacts your system.

#7 – Sunset Screen

  • Sunset Screen supports Windows.
  • Software costs $5 (full-version).

Sunset Screen is yet another cool blue light filter that supports the  Windows system. The sunset and sunrise mode automatically adjusts the blue light of the background. Sometimes the background of the pc is too loud, which makes it uneasy on the eyes. It sets the sunset and sunrise time precisely.
The software comes with various modes like moonlight, candlelight, and more.
The software also provides freeware but in exchange for some private resources. If you do not want the software to tamper with your personal resources, surely opt for the paid version.

#8 – Redshift

  • Redshift supports Windows, IOS and, Linux.
  • Software is absolutely free.

This size of the software is quite compact and is free from any unwanted updates, this makes the software ideal for blue light filter for pc.
Redshift filters the blue light coming from the display screen at night.
Sun changes its position several times during the day. Redshift adjusts the temperature of the display according to the position of the sun. It smoothly transitions from day to night mode, so that human eyes can easily adapt.
The temperature range varies from 3000k to 6500k.
This software highly recommended to programmers, making it the best blue light filter for pc.

#9 – Window Night Light

  • Window Night Light supports Windows 10
  • Software is absolutely free

Steps to access Window Night Light: Start > Settings > System > Display > Night light settings
Schedule the Night mode by specifying the time.

This is a built-in feature, therefore hassle-free.
The blue light emitted from your display can hinder your sleep cycle. Thus, the one-stop solution is to turn on the Window Night Light. It adjusts the screen light, making it warmer at night. Hence, helps you to get that sound sleep.
You don’t need to download any additional blue light software if you are using Windows 10.
The Night Light is activated from the sunset to the sunrise. The automatic feature makes it the best blue light filter for pc, as it automatically turns on the filter in case the user forgets. It provides the best protection to your retina.

#10 – Pango Bright

  • Pango Bright supports Windows.
  • Software is absolutely free.

Even after reducing the brightness level to a minimum, you still feel a little bright. Then Pango Bright is the best solution for you.
If you are a windows user then Pango Bright best blue light filter for pc.
This software is very unique from others as it can work on multiple monitors. As it can control the brightness of the various screen from one software. The application also offers a blue light filter feature.
It can even set the brightness level to 10%, 20%, 30%, or more, without putting any strain on your eyes. Therefore, a person can easily work at night for a long time.


If you are someone who constantly likes to scroll through the Facebook and Instagram feed or doing any work during the night time, the software listed is going to aid you. The list consists of some of the best blue light filters for pc. Help your body and eyes and get rid of those sleepless nights. Blue light filter is a must during this Digital eye strain age. Get the best use out of these user-friendly software.
Please let us know your feedback or any query.

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